The CTINB is a professional organisation composed of candidates for certification and certified members. To become a certified member, a person must first become a candidate for certification, which is an interim stage on the way to obtaining certification.

According to our bylaws, a translator may become a candidate for certification if he or she:

  • lives in Canada
  • holds a university degree in translation or a related field, or
  • has two years attested relevant experience, or
  • passes an admission examination set or recognised by the Board.

Persons wishing to become members must obtain and fill out a membership application form, and send it to the CTINB with the appropriate supporting documents (curriculum vitae, copies of relevant degrees, letters certifying the applicant's experience in the field, etc.).

Candidates for certification are eligible to become certified members either by passing the certification exam or through our mentorship program. Please note that the CTINB is not in a position to organize exams outside Canada.

It must be pointed out that the CTINB is not a job placement agency, and membership in no way guarantees employment in Canada in the field of translation.